Contractor PAYE, Limited Company & Accounting from Outsauce

With over 15 years' experience providing a complete range of compliant employment support to independent professionals, we specialise in helping contractors and freelancers with the day-to-day financial and administrative management that comes with working for yourself.

Covering all HMRC recognised employed, self-employed and limited company models, our services are focused on taking care of the admin hassle and helping you maximise take home pay – leaving you free to get on with the day job!

New to contracting?

If you're considering whether contracting is right for you, then download our guide below. You can also  explore our 'What's the best option?' which guides you through the different employment options.

Their staff are knowledgeable and from the initial consultation, through to the times when I have called in, they have been extremely helpful, clear and concise.

Sam Hopkins

With vast industry expertise and a team of dedicated accountants, you're in safe hands when you team up with Outsauce. Find out more about our PAYE (umbrella) services to contractors.

Setting up as a limited company (Personal Service Company/PSC) may be the best option for higher earning contractors and freelancers. Outsauce can deal with the legal matters, while you focus on the benefits!

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TOOL: Which employment option is best for you?

Do you earn more than £15 per hour?

Are you planning on contracting for more than 12 months?

Are you happy to do about 30 mins paperwork per month?

Are you happy to manage your own finances, including your tax?

Based on your choices a

Limited Company

Status might be right for you.

If you're a higher earning contractor or freelancer, setting up as a limited company (Personal Service Company/PSC) may be your best option. You'll need to take on the responsibility and paperwork that comes with the PSC model but you could increase your profitability while benefiting from greater legal protection than a sole trader. Our service will help you deal with the legal obligations - so you can focus on the benefits!

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Based on your choices a

Contractor PAYE

Status might be right for you.

With our contractor PAYE (a.k.a.Umbrella) employment model, you are employed by us. We pay you directly via PAYE and take care of all the necessary tax and NI calculations and payments on your behalf.

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